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our kitchen remodel

when we bought our home in 2017 the first thing we said we could accomplish is the kitchen.  It oddly enough became one of the last things we tackled.  Instagram has a way of making you want to do more. All of the beautiful kitchens gave me the itch to get started.  When we finally decided that it was time to do the kitchen I wanted to first figure out what we needed to go quality on and what we could get by on a budget.  That seems to be big question when renovating.  


We ended January with a brand new kitchen and I couldn’t be happier. 


We weren’t completely sure if we wanted to go with butcher block countertops.  There are so many mixed reviews on them.  We actually had an appointment set for installers to put solid surface in.  I’m so glad that last minute we decided to make a change.  BETTER YET we decided to do them ourselves and save a ton of money.  


BEFORE PHOTO (taken the day we walked through the house)

We took down the left-hand cabinet and put in the shelf with countertop that we had leftover.  We replaced the countertops, sink, faucet, microwave, and we painted the cabinets.  Not shown in these photos is our fridge which is new too.  We decided to keep the stove because it was clean and still works great.  We will most likely get new this year.  

Photos of the process

Make sure you do all of your measurements correctly and triple check before doing any cutting.  We started by sanding down the entire slab of countertop.  Next, we had to figure out where we wanted our seam.  There are several options and different ways to go.  We decided to just do a straight line because it was just a small cut next to our stove.  Once you’ve cut everything including your sink hole then place your countertops down on the cabinets before connecting your joining pieces.

Once everything fits perfectly we use a joint fastener on the bottom of the countertops.  These are sold in kits in any hardware store that has countertops.  You will need two of them.  We made our own and basically they just keep the countertops fastened together.  Then you apply Liquid Nail between the seam and Wood Filler to flush the seam transition.  Just use a small amount because it has a darker tint to it.  Then start sealing them.  We used Beeswax Oil and Mineral Oil combo.  Do this 5 times and sand in between each application. 

I ran out of pulls for our cabinets.  So, ignore the missing one.  Maybe you didn’t notice! Ha ha 



Countertops: Lowe’s (8 ft and 5 ft slab) $400

Tile and Grout: Lowe’s (.22 per tile)

Pulls: Amazon ($35 for a pack of 10)

Cabinet paint: Repose Grey

Wall Paint: Vanilla Sugar

Cake stand: TJ maxx


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