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Easter Basket Guide




Easter is such a fun and whimsical holiday.  It's always been a favorite of mine mostly because it's the first holiday after what seems like a never ending snow storm.  Easter baskets are fun for any age.  Yep, adults too!  But I am here to share with you an Easter basket gift guide for babies, toddlers, and small children.  It's easy to go overboard with Easter baskets and that can be a problem if you have small children.  So, keep it simple!


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Buy quality Easter baskets that you can cherish for the years to come.  We purchased our baskets from Target this season.  They are thick!  I got the 10x13 but for a small baby I would probably go with the smaller one!




Knee Socks are from our shop The Little Collective.  Custard is a pair of our newest coming this Spring.  The yellow pair perfectly for the warmer weather headed our way.

Leather Shoes are from Sun and Lace.  She hand-makes all of the shoes beautifully and even have Spring laces to interchange.  She sizes from 0-10 and ships worldwide.  We have so much love for Sun and Lace because some of our most popular knee socks have been paired with those shoes.  I wish you could jump through the screen and touch them for yourselves. 

Shirt is from Jean and June.  The Bloom shirt is one of my favorites that they have released.  To get the seasonal shirts you have to sign uo for their subscription which you can cancel anytime.  Why would you want too though?  Nothing better then a new shirt for every season to mix it up.  Jean and June is not like any other shirt company.  All of their garments are made from scratch in LA and mass dyed.  Which I think is really cool because I hand dye myself.  There is so much innovation that comes with the process.

Plush is from Slumberkins.  Every Spring they release their peeps which are basically life.  Okay, I actually really hate the Peep candy but these little guys are so adorable.  The perfect Easter basket filler.  They fit perfectly in a dollhouse too.  Which I don't know about you, but that's a requirement.

Watercolor Paints are from Lola and Lark.  First, let me say this.  BUY quality paints.  Don't go cheap on them.  They will last longer and kids wont have to go through as much paint because one dip through the color and it lasts longer on paper.  This was a trick that someone once told me.  If that was you, speak now to credit your ways.  Lola and Lark's bio is basically what I aspire my shop to bring - JOY!  "Inspiring imaginations, play + joy every day!"  That's what every small children's business hopes to bring and Lola and Lark nailed it.  They have SO many good Easter basket fillers that I can't even help myself at checkout.  My eye is on all of the dress up stuff.  She's curated a fun and whimsical brand and all of the products are sustainable and organic.  No worries there!  I'm telling you....RUN to checkout!

Bows are from Wunderkin Co.    These handmade bows are one of my favorites.  Made with some serious love.  The dedication that is poured into this company is simply an inspiration.  Wunderkin is actually releasing ankle socks which I am so excited for.  Yep, you heard me.  The new socks are so elegant for Spring.

Garden Kit, Legos, and Glasses are all Amazon or Target dollar section finds.

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  • The whole basket looks amazing! But I’ve been eyeing those shirts for awhile 😍

    • Whitney
  • The knee socks and sunnies are my fave!! ☀️

    • Carissa
  • The shirt or paints would have to be my fav! What a fun basket!!!

    • Inna Tsypan
  • I’m a sucker for Slumberkins! It’s all so great though!

    • Emily
  • So cute ! Love the leather shoes 😍

    • Mackenzie Donald